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Atlantic Salmon Federation

The Atlantic Salmon Federation is dedicated to the conservation protection and restoration of wild Atlantic salmon and ecosystems on which their well being and survival depend.

We believe that Atlantic salmon are a sentinel species that define the health of our rivers and the health of the greater ecosystem. Wherever salmon are found, pristine waters and wilderness abound. Through our commitment to preserve and restore wild Atlantic salmon and the habitat they depend on, we are contributing to healthier ecosystems.

The Atlantic salmon has for centuries been named the king of fish for its power and grace. But now it is much more:

  • A symbol of all that is wild and beautiful to millions of people

  • An important part of rural economies along the rivers where it spawns

  • An important bond between the culture of First Nations and all others who share its heritage

  • A species that has drawn an international commitment and determination to see that numbers are restored to historic levels - despite dams, acid rain, bad forestry practices and other abuses of the environment

Funds donated through the Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation support ASF research, education, advocacy and conservation management plans.

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