The dozens of organisations that the Foundation supports are committed to protecting wildlife and safeguarding at-risk domestic animals. Below are stories of how support from the Foundation has made a difference in the lives of the animals, birds and sea life these charities serve.

  • African Wildlife Foundation

    Gorilla habitat in Rawanda

    The endangered mountain gorilla is the only great ape increasing in population, and habitat expansion is critical to sustaining population growth. Funding from the Foundation was used to help purchase land to expand Volcanoes National Park in Rawanda.

  • African Wildlife Foundation

    Sniffer dogs to the rescue

    The AWF’s Canines for Conservation program combats wildlife trafficking by deploying detection dogs and their handlers to key airports and seaports.

  • African Wildlife Foundation

    Safeguarding Africa's rhinos

    The Foundation responded to a wish list by the AWF to protect rhinos in the Great Fish River Nature Reserve in South Africa.

  • Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

    New felid enclosures

    New felid enclosures greatly improved the quality of life for two lynx and bobcat.

  • Atlantic Salmon Federation

    Atlantic salmon tracking

    Funding supports ASF research, education, advocacy and conservation management programs.

  • BC Conservation Foundation

    Spotted owl breeding program

    The BC Conservation Foundation's mission is to conserve and enhance forestry, fish, wildlife and their habitats.

  • Bear Creek Sanctuary

    Saving unwanted bears

    Bear Creek rehabilitates and provides a safe haven for unwanted, abused and injured exotic and zoo surplus animals and for injured or orphaned indigenous wildlife.

  • Bear With Us

    Rehabilitating and caring for bears

    Bear With Us rehabilitates injured bears, and sometimes provides a permanent home to a select few that cannot return to the wild.

  • Big Life Canada Foundation

    Poaching in Kenya and Tanzania

    Funding was used towards the purchase of water tanks at the Lenkilorouti and Ologurto outposts where Big Life’s anti-poaching rangers are stationed to protect migrating wildlife.

  • Birds Canada

    Canada's voice for birds

    Birds Canada's mission is to conserve wild birds through sound science, on-the-ground actions, innovative partnerships, public engagement, and science-based advocacy.

  • Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

    Caring for injured wild animals

    The Busch Sanctuary provides free, comprehensive medical and rehabilitative care to over 5,200 injured wild animals.

  • Calgary Seniors Resource Society

    Pet Assist for Calgary's seniors

    The Calgary Seniors Pet Assist program helps seniors stay with their pets longer.

  • Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

    A new hare enclosure

    The new hare enclosure provides vulnerable baby hares with a safe and quiet place for them to recover and grow.

  • Calgary Zoo

    Saving orphaned grizzly cubs

    When three grizzly cubs were left orphaned by a poaching incident, the Calgary Zoo took them in and provided the specialised care and enrichment activities required to help them survive.

  • Canadian Peregrine Foundation

    Education and banding programs

    Funding is used towards the CPF's Wildlife Education Program and Species at Risk Stewardship Program.

  • Canadian Sea Turtle Network

    The Canadian Sea Turtle Centre

    The Foundation helps support the Canadian Sea Turtle Centre in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. It is the only sea turtle educational centre in Canada, and has the potential to reach thousands of visitors over the course of a summer.

  • Canadian Wildlife Federation

    A brighter future for wildlife

    There are currently more than 700 species of plants and animals at risk of being lost from Canada. The Foundation is proud to support The CWF's part in a movement designed to create a brighter future for Canadian wildlife.

  • Cats Anonymous

    A sanctuary for cats

    Cats Anonymous is a "no kill" sanctuary, focusing on matching up healthy felines with loving families.

  • Cetus Research & Conservation Society

    Protecting killer whales

    The Foundation supports Cetus on the Pacific coast where they actively intercede to protect killer whales from the harm caused by vessel traffic.

  • Cheetah Conservation Fund

    Saving Namibia's cheetahs

    Founded in Namibia in 1990, Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild.

  • Conservation Halton Foundation

    Shrike breeding program

    The Shrike Recovery Project is a breeding facility which has successfully bred and released over 80 young shrikes into the wild.

  • Farley Foundation

    Helping low-income pet owners

    The Farley Foundation helps low-income pet owners cover the costs of providing necessary veterinary care for their pets.

  • Fauna Foundation and Fauna Sanctuary

    A new tunnel for the chimps

    The Foundation's donation was used towards a new cross-over tunnel connection in the chimp house, which has proven very popular with the Fauna family of chimpanzees.

  • Finding Them Homes

    Reducing dog over-population

    Donations help communities along Ontario's James Bay coast and other remote locations reduce the dog over-population through adoption, spay/neuter clinics, and providing donated dog food and supplies.

  • Guelph Humane Society

    Spay/neuter program

    Each year the Guelph Humane Society cares for approximately 3000 animals in need, providing shelter, adoption, veterinary care and a progressive spay/neuter program.

  • Helen Woodward Animal Center

    Equine hospital upgrades

    New flooring for the equine hospital will ensure a safe and sanitary facility, and new arthroscopy equipment allows veterinarians to evaluate and treat many orthopedic conditions in a minimally invasive way.

  • Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge

    At-risk youth helping wildlife

    Hobbitstee Wildlife's volunteers consist mainly of young offenders, at risk youth and adult offenders who help the organisation's mission to assist sick, orphaned and injured wildlife return back to their natural habitat.

  • Hobe Sound Animal Protection

    A better world for cats

    HSAPL operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better world for cats through adoption, spay/neuter services and public education.

  • Hope for Wildlife Society

    New marine and bobcat units

    Funds received from the Foundation were used to help build a new Marine Wildlife Rescue Unit and Bobcat Unit.

  • Ladybird Animal Sanctuary

    Giving pets a second chance

    The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation have helped Ladybird rescue over 1,000 animals from high-volume shelters in Ontario and Quebec.

  • Loggerhead Marinelife Centre

    Sea turtle veterinary hospital

    Funding from the Foundation was used to equip a a state-of-the-art veternary hospital devoted to the care of sea turtles.

  • Loon Preservation Committee

    Protecting the loon population

    The Foundation provides ongoing support to the LPC's efforts to protect loons through monitoring, research, management, and public education.

  • Medicine Hat SPCA

    Caring for homeless pets

    Providing protective care for sick, injured, homeless and unwanted animals and promoting humane attitudes and responsible pet ownership.

  • National Wildlife Centre

    Building a new wildlife hospital

    A significant investment from the Foundation enabled the NWC to purchase a 100 acre property in Caledon, Ontario, to be the future home of Canada's Centre of Excellence in wildlife.

  • Nature Canada

    Conserving nature in Canada

    Areas of focus include climate change, reconciliation with indigenous peoples, species at risk and regulated hunting.

  • Nature Conservancy Canada

    Protecting grasslands

    The Leblanc Project in Rice Lake Plains is a high priority for wildlife and for grassland birds in particular--including several bird species at risk--and the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake.

  • Oakville Milton Humane Society

    A new cat colony room

    The new Cat Colony Room for the cats in the care of OHMS is a converted adoption room, previously filled with cages, where cats are free to roam freely throughout the day, climb cat trees, play and sleep in beds.

  • Oakville Milton Humane Society

    A new van for APS

    The Foundation helped buy a much needed cargo van to be used for the rescue of animals and wildlife in distress in Oakville and Milton.

  • Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

    Outdoor education centre

    The Foundation supports the OTCC's programs, including their growing education program, which fosters awareness and direct conservation action to protect the at-risk turtle populations and their wetland habitats.

  • Polar Bears International - Canada

    Polar bear cams and research

    The Foundation supports PBI's fieldwork conducted in Canada, including their Tundra Connections series, Polar Bear Cam, training programs for members of the PBI Climate Alliance, and population surveys and analyses.

  • Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

    A new truck for the PWRC

    The Foundation helped the PWRC purchase a new truck, essential for their day to day activities for rescues, releases, garbage runs and supply/ donation pickups.

  • Regional Animal Protection Society

    Homing cats in need

    RAPS is one of the largest cat sanctuaries in North America, providing a safe permanent home to hundreds of feral, abandoned and surrendered cats.

  • Roberta Bondar Foundation

    Protecting bird habitats

    The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s Avian Migration Aerial Surface Space initiative, also known as AMASS, provides a new view of the migration of bird species, including whooping cranes, red knots, Sprague’s pipets, bar-tailed godwits, lesser flamingos and curlew sandpipers.

  • Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

    A much needed ICU

    Donations were used towards the purchase a new lead detection unit and a much needed Animal Intensive Care Unit.

  • Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

    Avian mews for peregrine falcons

    A new avian mews was built for the Centre where Peregrine Falcons and other Birds of prey are able to recover and exercise after surgery or injuries.

  • Save the Chimps

    Caring for chimpanzees

    The Foundation provided funding for eight months of complete care for one chimpanzee, which includes fresh daily meals, medical care, enrichment activities, and maintenance of their three-acre home in south Florida.

  • Sit With Me Dog Rescue

    Saving dogs at risk

    Sit With Me has helped network over 1000 at risk dogs with other rescues and has taken in over 1200 into their care.

  • Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

    New digs for Sweet Pea and Pierre

    The Foundation's donation helped the Farm to enlarge and enhance the areas for two baboons, Sweet Pea and Pierre. This enlarged area will give them more area to move about, more to see and more things to do to help pass time and enrich their lives.

  • The Humane Society of Greater Jupiter-Tequesta

    Training retired rescue dogs

    In a new a program, Furry Friends have partnered with a group to train their rescue dogs so that they can be paired with military service members returning from active duty with physical, mental and emotional disabilities.

  • The Owl Foundation

    A new owl tour centre

    The Owl Foundation's new tour centre, which was the extensive renovation of an old, unused building, allows them to showcase their work and offer educational opportunities to the public.

  • The Whale Museum

    Saving orcas through education

    The museum helps to promote stewardship of whales and the Salish Sea ecosystem through education and research.

  • Toronto Wildlife Centre

    Raptor medical equipment

    The Toronto Wildlife Centre is a leader in the field of wildlife rescue, veterinary care, rehabilitation and education, providing a vital and unique service in Southern Ontario. Funding was used to purchase raptor medical equipment.

  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

    Protecting Philips Lake

    Philips Lake is a protected lake in the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve, and home to many regionally and locally rare species such as spring peepers and wood frogs.

  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

    Preserving black walnut trees

    Funding provided by the Gordon and Patricia Animal Welfare Foundation helped the TRCA with the Walnut Tree preservation initiative.

  • Vancouver Aquarium

    New medical equipment

    Funds were used to purchase a new anesthetic machine and ventilator and a Surgivet Advisor (vital signs monitor) for use in saving injured marine mammals such as harbour seals and sea otters.

  • Wild at Heart Refuge Centre

    A new songbird aviary

    Wild At Heart has been growing annually with the number of birds taken in, and they recently added and enlarged three aviaries to accommodate this growth, including a new songbird aviary.

  • Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre

    Raptor flyway enclosure

    The Foundation helped fund a new 100 ft. long x 20 ft. wide x 16 ft. high flyway to house smaller raptors such as owls and falcons.

  • Wildlife SOS

    A new digital elephant scale

    A digital weighing scale will significantly improve the quality of care provided to the elephants since it can help catch problems before any other symptoms may be showing.

  • World Wildlife Fund Canada

    Protecting monarch habitats

    The WWF is helping to save the endangered monarch butterfly by conserving its habitat along the 5,000-kilometre migration paths between Canada, the US and the mountain forests of Mexico.

  • World Wildlife Fund Canada

    Tracking Canada's sharks

    The Foundation's support helps the WWF's work to combat major threats to Canada's shark population, such as usustainable bycatch.